PUGG Advantage


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Jan 6, 2022
A.Pros of PUGG:

1. The PC version is developed and produced by UE4 (Unreal Engine 4) technology, with the realistic picture, high definition, light tracking, no smear, and no delay;

2. While the APP version is developed and produced by the Unity game engine technology, which is already the top level in mobile games, between 2D and 3D;

3. Full network support, one-click login for accounts such as Twitter, YouTube, Meta, and Telegram;

4. 3D immersive metaverse game, kills all chain games in the market, 2D and card games are not a problem;

5. Based on Layer 2 technology, NFT visual transactions can be realized through cross-chain;

6. Through the Metapeople ID card + CALIT dual-currency pledge, the DAO governance principle is continuously invested, and the mining income is maximized;

7. Through advanced technology, top game picture quality, and sound effects, players are immersing in it, and encrypted social and business scenarios form an aggregation platform;

8. It can grow across the circle through future offline scenarios and seamlessly link virtual hardware with its resources to form a business closed loop.

B. Socializing

Based on Facebook (now Meta), socializing with virtual office, as well as text and avatar-like socialization that imitates Twitter, metaverse socialization is still in its infancy. What we know is the virtual office scene of Facebook (now Meta), which realizes the social interaction of virtual office through VR glasses and bracelets. This social interaction is actually a bit far from the real social interaction. First of all, this scene is triggered under the premise of working, not purely social. Social should be more relaxed. Also, you can't carry around that big VR goggle and two bulky bracelets with cords anytime and anywhere. So this experience is not very convenient, it would be better to go directly to the offline bar to have a drink. But with the pandemic raging, that may have become a luxury. Is it possible to wear a mask, a pair of VR glasses and a cumbersome bracelet to enter a virtual social in a bar? This seems even stranger.

Secondly, other blockchain social networking that imitates Twitter only stays in the era of text, accounts, and publishing, and has not entered the deep-water area of social networking. The essence of social networking may be more about strangers. The social scene created by PUGG is directly through 3D games. In the early stage, no hardware is required, and users can directly enter the bar with one click.

At the same time, PUGG's visual NFT wallet can display users’ digital asset NFT at any time, which satisfies everyone's vanity, captures the psychology of users, and makes a preliminary understanding of each other's economic strength and situation before socializing. This will greatly increase the reliability of social interaction and improve efficiency, which is very consistent with the fast-paced requirements of people in the current Z generation. And in this bar, any romantic mood or enthusiasm could be reasonable with music, lighting and rhythm. Plus encrypted social networking and encrypted payment, and also the APP that makes the distance of the world only in the palm of your hand through LBS positioning. This kind of experience is currently difficult for any project to achieve.

C. Technology

To sum up, the technology of the game is very solid, the contract is also audited by a world-class third party, and the Token code is open-source on GitHub, which can be consulted at any time. The LP Token on Pancake has been locked, and there will be a mechanism of destruction in the future to ensure stability, and the help of Layer2 cross-chain technology, all of which present the good intentions of the project and the team.

D. Business

At present, many blockchain projects or metaverse projects are actually competing for the track, such as epics (Three Kingdoms, Journey to the West, etc.), animals (Axie Infinity, Metamon, Farmers World, WIN NFT HORSE), and interstellar science fiction (Starlink, *said to be StarCraft, a grand masterpiece, but still haven't been seen yet).

Although PUGG started with GameFi, it aims at SocialFi and ends with ecology. Its internal test will be implemented in February 2022, combined with a series of commercial activities (beauty pageants, well-known novels, NFT and sales by Jteam). It is bound to grow outside the circle, and it will try to open up a business path in the metaverse project. It is only a matter of time.