PUGG, a New Rising Star of P2E Game We Must Try in 2022

Li Zhou

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Jan 10, 2022
Recently, according to the data from the blockchain project tracking platform Token Terminal, the total market value of "Play-to-Earn" tokens has exceeded 30 billion US dollars, setting a new highest record.

According to Alexis Ohanian, a Reddit co-founder , P2E games will account for 90% in the gaming market within five years.

01 What is a P2E game?

P2E is the abbreviation of Play-to-earn, which just means players can earn while playing. While players are going through challenges and doing tasks in the game, they can monetize time by obtaining rewards and competing for tokens so as to realize their assets when enjoying games.

So far, Axie Infinity, the most popular Play-to-earn game on the market, has achieved great success in the P2E field with more than 2 million daily active users. According to DappRadar statistics, the transaction volume of the project in the primary and secondary market has been totally more than 4 billion US dollars.

Both developers and NFT owners can profit from the booming industry of P2E games. P2E is completely popular all over the Internet.

Commenting on the recent boom in blockchain gaming, the managing partner of Master Ventures Orion Depp said: “At first, many people didn’t believe they could get rewards that would affect their real-life finances until they started trying to play. It just went on to show a life-changing and revolutionary cryptocurrency, in a fun and enjoyable way this time.”

People spend time and effort into the game and meanwhile have fun as reaping actual rewards in the game. It sounds simple but it's a game mode that's working and changing many lives.

PUGG, as a rising star in P2E games, is also highly anticipated like Axie Infinity.

02 PUGG GameFi, a new P2E game star

PUGG GameFi is a metaverse-based chain game on Binance Smart Chain that integrates staking, mining, DeFi, SocialFi, etc. It has a revolutionary token economic system with the "token mechanism" and "gaming system" to empower players, making itself a really unique and lastingly free-to-play game and creating an easy-to-earn and highly social-efficient metaverse ecosystem.

With layer 2 cross-chain technology, PUGG enables players to realize NFT visualized transactions through cross-chain in it. At the same time, with DeFi, NFT and the Metaverse deeply integrated with each other and the open economic concept included in "Play to Earn", players are allowed to own the assets in the game and be able to increase their value by playing the game actively.

03 Summary

As a new metaverse-based chain game, PUGG uses and integrates DeFi (decentralized finance) and NFT (non-fungible token) technologies and also gets SocialFi involved. Through the Play-to-earn rule, players are allowed to users can earn tokens and NFTs while playing. Also through staking dividends, liquidity mining, etc., which provide the token with more imagination space and value support, PUGG and users can together build an efficient and profitable Metaverse portal platform.