Proposal idea: App for BUIP voting and communication


Mar 10, 2018
The current BU voting and BU forum is quite convoluted. For busy people, like miners, business people, and other parties in this ecosystem, it may prove a bit fiddly. If we want more members to see BUIP proposals and vote easily, it could be via an app that will automatically generate notifications for new proposals (opening of voting and near to time of deadline), and actual voting actions that you can do inside the app itself (with an inbuilt wallet).

It would provide a list of proposals and the statuses (proposed, accepted, rejected, in progress, etc) and proposal details, and whether you have voted already if it is open. Proposals can have a brief comment section underneath where people can make maximum one comment each (for general sentiment or concerns and approval of the given proposal). For indepth conversation they can be guided back to this forum.
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Aug 28, 2015
In a way we already have an app for this, it's not a very consumer friendly app and fulfills just a narrow but valuable technical requirement. and

I think the interested people should out a list of requirements together before we set out to improve on it, I agree it needs to be engaging and outwards focused. I'm not convinced it need to be a phone app, but it would be nice to be mobile friendly, although a mobile wallet with a BU/Development centric news feed sounds intriguing. I primarily see it as a communications tool, one that encouraged interaction and discourse.

The members are a small subset of users. I am projecting here but they could be like directors in a political show. We need to identify the target audience and define the process by which everything happens. It needs to cross cultural and generational boundaries.
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Sep 22, 2015
developing an app may be overly ambitious ATM, but perhaps things would be clearer and simpler if BU business (such as BUIP posting and voting) happened over at


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Aug 28, 2015
I definitely like this idea, especially the 1 comment per member section (presumably editable) and general discussion. But as others have mentioned, an "app" is a long way from where we are now. Perhaps we start with a better voting web portal and then think about transitioning to an app if BU ever does other app dev. Many of these apps are wrappers around a web service anyway so starting with the web portal is how we get there.
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