Proof that Jihan is not currently using ASICBOOST


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Apr 25, 2017

Jiang Zhuoers, who was latest victim of attack campaign, clearly lays out how it is impossible that Jihan is actually using ASICBOOST in production on Bitcoin mainnet. If they were using AB, the Antminers would be using 1kWh electricting, instead of 1.2kWh (20% savings). So, this would be very obvious to anyone and you wouldn't be able to fake it.
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Aug 28, 2015
I believe him for many other reasons but if you've been reading between the lines there is another narrative that hasn't stuck (for good reason because it's not happening) and that's the hardware is mineing on their own pool.

The idea is you're getting the 1.0kWh hash and paying 1.2kWh and the difference 0.2kWh hash is going to their pool.

These attacks on miners is psychological projection, of the idea miners are taking over bitcoin and bitcoin is too centralized. Bitcoin is too centralized but it's not the miners who are trying to grab power. While uncomfortably centralized they are not the single point of failure or control.

It's the developers who are trying to get more power and control over the rules they're now the single point of failure and control.

They won't be uplifted by the obfuscation or attacks on miners.
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