Promise Fulfilled: SavetheChildrenDAO has donated USD20,000+ to SOS Children's Villages

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Apr 19, 2022
On April 19, SavetheChildrenDAO donated another 16,630USDC (40BNB) to the international organization SOS Children's Villages, cumulatively totaling USD20,000+, to help children threatened by wars, drop-out, diseases, COVID-19, poverty, hunger or others shape a better future.
At the end of last month, the community of SavetheChildren DAO voted democratically and decided to donate 50 BNB to SOS Children's Villages USA. Early on April 4, 10 BNB (4,428 USDC) was already donated to the organization . After this 40BNB (16,630USDC) was donated, the total amount of donations reached USD21,058. The arrival of this donation in the account of SOS Children's Villages marked the successful fulfillment of the community’s first democratic resolution about donation.

SOS Children's Villages has been working for children in need, providing homes for orphans and foundlings and satisfying their basic needs. The organization now has 2,000+ offices worldwide and is one of the largest aid organizations in the world that works specially for parentless children. SavetheChildrenDAO is a distributed organization focusing on children’s survival, health, and development. We are using the power of a decentralized network and the collective wisdom of people to help disadvantaged children around the globe.
The philosophy of SOS Children's Villages is highly consistent and matched with the vision of SavetheChildrenDAO. We both intend to build a better world for children by giving them the best access to medical support, food, education, clothing, protection, and the right to thrive. During the current regional wars like the Ukraine conflict and COVID-19 epidemic, more children are in urgent need for care. At this moment, it is especially significant that SavetheChildrenDAO remitted the donations from community members to SOS Children's Villages.

SavetheChildren DAO pledges to apply 100% of the donations received to children's philanthropy. So far, we have established partnerships with many communities and charities around the world to protect children and defend their dignity. Our partners include UNICEF USA, Himalayan Children’s Charities, Polaris and Shared Hope. All parties efficiently promote philanthropy through deep cooperation, to provide continuous support for children in Eastern Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions.