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Nov 2, 2017
Project J - Introduction

Starting as most secured and easy to use payment platform, J-Corp is planning to grow into a friendly ecosystem that will help you manage your daily finances. We proudly announce about our Project J, taking step into this advance crypto era. Our basic philosophy and aim is to broaden your electronic transaction’s horizons in a decentralized manner, ensuring about your security and seamless deal.
Motivated to serve you with the best, J-Corp Ltd.’s Project J – a new payment platform will simplify your lives with very-easy-to-use functions.
Our key products are J-trex, J-Visa card, J-wallet (Offline Wallet) and J Coin (Token created to be used as company shares).


The J-trex is the crypto exchange of Project J which will be the most secured, easy to use payment platform and trading system.
J-trex will soon be release in the market. Offering both, simple user mode for essentials payments and pro mode for users, we will surely push the limit with J-trex’s crypto trading.
Talking about other payment platforms, you may have to go to different exchangers and roam around here and there for cashing it out. But Project J’s J-trex has solely been initiated to make your life convenient and daily operations seamless.
Due to this ease and convenience, J-trex is set to be exclusive and unique from the other crypto exchanges. You will be able to simply transfer the money from the pool to your wallet, simplifying the process for you. After transferring to your wallet, you would easily be able to cash out to your bank account or your J-card at any time.
Why would you choose J-trex?

- No commission for founding users.
- Only live and popular coins will be traded.
- J-trex desktop terminal for professional traders .
- Arbitrage app free fro founding users.
- Fiat accounts in USD, EUR, GPB.
- Option to connect J-Visa card to one of fiat accounts.
- Withdrawals to your banking account.


J-wallet is a key product of Project J.
J-wallet will be a first offline wallet with 5 inch, touchscreen, able to store any Altcoin that is supported by the J-trax exchange.
For security we will integrate touch ID for payment confirmations, you also will be able to use PIN code is you prefer.
Devise will have NFC chip for future integration as a payment tool for every day use.
All coins will be store on the devise not on our servers that way we will be able to provide more security for our future clients .

So what is the idea of all this in few words?
-- We what to make a platform that will save money to all crypto community, will be so easy to use that even your grandma will use Bitcoin fro payments.

Our offer to you will be following.
There will be 2 sales a limited one starting Oct 20, 2017 and full sale from Nov 9, 2017

So if you will participate in this presale from Oct 20, 2107 what will you get?

1. Super price of 0.07 USD, on Nov 9, 2017 starting price will be 0.10 USD
2. Life time premium account for Exchanger no commission for trading.
3. Exchange to fiat according to current market price.
4. No withdrawal fees to your Banking account.
5. Access to our arbitrage app free of charge.
6. Special prices for J-Wallet -75% Off
7. Free Debit card

Doesn't it sounds good for you?
Well under ERC20 you will be eligible for a divident every 3 mounts for each share you hold.
Bonuses only for today OCT 20, 2017.

1. First contributor will get 50% Bonus on his/hers purchase.
2. Top 3 contributors will get Debit Cards with 5000 USD + Free J-wallet.
3. All contributors how will make a donation to Oct 27, 2017 will get special welcome bonus of 15%.

Our Roadmap

1. Payment and Exchange Platform | Feb 2. 2018
2. Professional Trading Platform | March 3. 2018
3. J-Trade terminal + J-Arbitrage app | May 25 2018
4. Visa card, iOS Android, Mac Win Applications | July 1 2018
5. J - Wallet | March 3 2018 public re-sale fro 199USD | Shipping from August 1 2018

For more information:
Website: (beta)