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Dec 14, 2017
*Primas offers new ideas and methods to guarantee the sustainable production of quality content. For more information about Primas, please visit the website of Primas at
Primas is an open ecosystem for publication, recommendation and transaction of content.
Primas team is committed to using blockchain and other technology to restructure the content market, so as to solve the problem in which quality content could hardly be recognized, disseminated and paid for. Decentralized content sourcing and recommendation mechanism brings quality content to users; a brand-new content evaluation system ensures direct benefits to the producers of quality content; tamper-proof property of the blockchain provides copyright protection for original writers; and decentralized data management offers better protection for users privacy.

How will the next generation of valuable content ecosystem be like? Maybe there are so many people could not make it clear. But nowadays, the content ecology is facing a series of pain, including the problem of credibility from overloaded information, the duplication of digital content, the flooding of piracy, the decline of quality from eyeball economy, and the intervention from centralized platform. With the new technology, blockchain, comes into existence and develops rapidly, some prominent engineers and enterprises are applying it into content market, and changing the traditional structure. A more justified, transparent, and valuable content ecosystem is forming.

Gan Lu is invited to share in the Inclusive Blockchain Conference:
Constructing an open valuable content ecosystem

Recently, in the Inclusive Blockchain Conference, Gan Lu, the Technical Committee Director from Primas, the first enterprise to apply blockchain deeply to content value ecosystem in Singapore, shared their performance in the technology transformation. Primas are engaged in changing the existing content market using blockchain and other technical means, in order to figure out the difficulties in identifying, spreading and realization of high-quality content.

Primas creates an unique DNA for every original work, the DNA includes the author, publish time, fingerprint and other original data. So when we see a message, we could get to know who and when he published the message, and also who made any modification to it.

Primas is also a decentralized gate to content, no matter how many times and how many places the content being reprint, people see the message could restitute the path of reprint and authorization means, and also get a new authorization in reprinting.

Illustration:Primas Technical Committee Director Gan Lu(Right 2nd)share his ideas in Inclusive Blockchain Conference

At the same time, Gan Lu pointedout, Primas has set up a newly created open content evaluation system, under which the value rating is not just calculated by clicks but also by the overall considering social recommendation, spreading and the author’s credit, measuring the value in width and in depth.

Primas evaluation system adapts users’ interactive index including like, comment, forward, and reprint, each one has different weight. Each operation has different cost when readers are interacting, then the system will automatically assess the value of the article. For example, forwarding is more valuable than some likes, and reprinting is more valuable than forwarding. Relative index values are preset in the inside system, setting up a mathematical model with different weighs in different factors to filter low-quality content and level up the overall quality.

Employing the unique model of content communicating links and making sure that readers recognize the high-quality content will earn both attention and value, the smart contract of blockchain could make the author set the price of forwarding and reprinting automatically without human intervention.

Primas also takes into consideration the prevention of authors infringing, copying, and writing vulgar contents. Every account has its credit score, which is decided by quantity, quality, and numbers of articles and PST. And this also counted as a part of the content evaluation index.

Original authors need to lock part of its PST that will be released 7 days later when posting new articles. “Actually, the purpose is to protect the high quality content. Once some contents are reported as infringing and copying, and are verified by witnesses, Primas will reduce the PST in author’s account directly as well as decline its credit rate, which as a result will have influence on posting new content and acquirement of incentives.

Moreover, in Primassystem, users are able to choose their interested communityautotomized by users themselves, ensuring that it will not be manipulated by any centralized algorithm. And all the other relevant information is transparent and accessible.

Gan Lu said in the interview: “The goal of Primas is to construct an open valuable content ecosystem, and participants are not only originators, readers, but also medias, enterprises, and other media platforms.

Taking part in the Singapore Fintech Festival

Primasis setting up an operation center in Singapore

Gan Lu took part in the Singapore Fintech Festival as well. According to Gan Lu, compared with China, Singapore pays more attention to the development of Blockchain, devoted to construct a world finance technology center. Singapore also support innovation in Blockchain, relevant activities are attracting great attention from the world. The innovation atmosphere is great, which is good news to the practitioners.

Primas has already acquired investment from many famous institutes in Blockchain industry. The founding team is powerful, co-founder Wu Peng and Gan Lu have experienced in Big-data industry, and they were also in charge of important projects in Fortune 500 companies.

Primas is setting up an operation center in Singapore and will explore this market in the future. Gan Lu’s travel to Singapore this time is the first step intothis market.

What’s more, Primas received olive branch from ACCESS.

ACCESS is founded in May 2014, as the biggest digital currency association in blockchain technology in southeast Asia, it has been devoted to promote and protect digital currency and the development and usage of blockchain technology, getting more and more people and institute to know about blockchain, providing a platform of fair and justice.

At last, Gan Lu said, “Primas wins the recognition and affirmation from ACCESS, we will pay more efforts to construct the next generation valuable contentecosystem and give impetus to the whole industry to flourish and thriving.