[Pre-ANN] WavesGame- A brand new waves asset for the gambler


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Oct 13, 2017
Update 10/10/2017: Great news, luckygames.io now accepting $waves A big thanks from #WavesG team https://medium.com/@Waves_Game/great-news-luckygames-io-now-accepting-waves-f71bd9a61991


Why WavesG?

WavesG or WavesGame created for the gambling community that may want to gamble with waves currency.Our goal is to support waves and introduce waves as a gambling currency in various gambling site. Because till now there is no casino/dice gambling platform that accept waves deposit.We want to make waves more usable.

Total supply: 10 million

10% for the Airdrop
20% for exchange and marketing bounty
50% reserved for future distribution Escrow confirmation
10% for casino owners who wants to accept waves deposit
10% for the WavesG team​

Asset info



How wavesG will be distributed?

We'll distribute 10% through airdrop. (there will be 4 round)
50% will be distributed to those who deposit waves and play through
waves will qualify for free WavesG token. The number of amount is unknown as i am still waiting for some good suggestion.
(WavesG will be distributed either through casino site or through our new gambling (dice) site (Planned for future)​

The first casino who implement waves deposit will get 100k free WavesG token as bounty.WON by luckygames.io
The first 5 casino after this will get 50k each. We reserved 1 million token for the casino platform who accept waves deposit in the future.​

People who deposit waves and gamble with waves will be rewarded with WavesG.​

Airdrop Round 1 [CLOSED]

Airdrop Round 2 -LIVE
Instruction: https://medium.com/@Waves_Game/airdrop-round-2-97d9e6a1a948
Airdrop round 2 remain open until 11/10/2017 UTC 06.00 AM

**This Airdrop is now closed. All pending transaction will be proceed within 24 hours.

I want to make an announcement, so if you can create a good announcement page with all the information (I'll provide) please pm me.

Together we can make Waves platform better than any other..

Whats new?
“Over 300k #WavesG distributed.Thank you”

I have well planned for this project but i have zero support. so if someone wants to help or want to make this project success,please contact with me.

Follow us on

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Waves_Game
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WavesGame/
Medium : https://medium.com/@Waves_Game
Join our Telegram and Slack channel


Create Logo+Banner= 2 waves+5000 WavesG
Create Banner for website= 2 waves+5000 WavesG
Create topic on other forum
Create forum signature
Article and press release

** Donation accepted: 3PL3sCy1hPqrpDwimXxGUXtVRqao4t3vnwR

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