PoW coins are in constant danger of 51% attacks. TerraNova can protection !


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Jan 6, 2019
PoW coins are in constant danger of 51% attacks. TerraNova can protection !

TerraNova (TER) aims to serve three purposes of an ideal currency: being a store of value, being a medium of exchange and being a unit of Charity. Bitcoin is kinda capable of performing these three functions, but currently possesses inferior technology that isn’t suited to make it commercial grade money. A hybrid POS/POW system used by TerraNova combined with upcoming privacy solutions looks to eliminate these limitations and launch the Ter token into worldwide adoption.

TerraNova developers decided that a Bitcoin with some form of governance is required to avoid similar problems in the future and thus their current project was created.

Managing partner of a cryptocurrency fund MatinCoin Capital, Tati Jan pointed out a latent danger of smaller PoW coins in the times of receding prices and miner hash rates. He wrongly included TER in the list of coins that are in danger of a 51% attack. He should have, instead emphasize the TER model as a solution for small hash rate coins that can save their networks from malicious attackers and provide a much better, decentralized governance.

Decred as long-term investment

So, why is TerraNova a good long-term investment in our opinion:

The team behind are the creators of Bitcoin suite.

Development instead of hype and marketing.

It already supports Lightning Network and will soon have privacy feature.

Lightning network creators are working together with TER team for LN implementation on top of their blockchain.

They have a hybrid consensus mechanism – POS (Proof of stake) + POW. And TER’s POS pays investors a good share (around 20% a year) and it’s very different from Dash and other POS coins where you need to be rich to participate.

Look at the code quality and pace/direction of development.

You can delegate your votes to a pool and not have to run a reliable 24/7 server is pretty amazing and makes the staking easy to use.

Stakeholders are locking up 46.8% of TER’s total supply 1.058.739 TER for the POS consensus which makes the coin even more scarce.

We believe the TerraNova team and overall project is undervalued in the crypto community. The coin has not gained as much media presence and coverage as Litecoin (LTC) or Bitcoin Cash (BCH), but it has managed to stay alive and grow for years with a rabid community behind it. TER is also one of the few coins with enabled atomic swaps with the Bitcoin and Litecoin networks.

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