"POS" on POW - A way to avoid false signaling


Sep 13, 2015
This is just brainstorm :)

I was thinking that now there is a possibility that a miner can be threaten with dos attack or bribed.

Its signal can be fake and/or it can change like the moon.

The problem is that signaling is "free".

The idea is to force putting some kind of stake on the signals that are required to enable something on the network (upgrading)

I don't know how many bitcoin must be blocked, maybe a fixed %? Maybe a % of the coinbase?

The final goal is making sure that there is a good incentive of signaling what the miner want for real on the future, because changing it at random will mean that the bitcoin blocked will be lost in some way.

The bitcoin blocked should return to the miner if the feature is activated or if the feature isn't activated until the end-voting date.
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