Part two of; On the path to Freedom of innovation

Tom Zander

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Jun 2, 2016

I wrote some days ago about the creation, investment, rentier triple of how people can earn money (here). The first two create value for those people. A gain seen not just by those that do the work. Should someone invent a better device, and then an investor comes along to mass produce it, we can all get access to something new for a good price. Everyone gets richer by having an open market and plenty of creators and investors.​
The rentier behaviour is different, they take a slice for themselves without creating anything. They make it harder for those creators and investors to succeed, and as a result rent-seekers make everyone poorer.
Crypto currencies allow us to innovate again, allow us to invest again without asking banks or similar rentier companies for permission and without having to pay them a percentage.​

The main reason crypto-currencies like Bitcoin Cash allow us to do this is because they have not yet been tainted by those rent-seekers.​

The question I have been asking myself is how we can keep Bitcoin Cash free from rent-seekers as much as possible. The solution is to have freedom to innovate.​

Please allow me to explain;

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Dec 17, 2017
It's really interesting. I think we need more information. To actually advance and grow in this regard, something like that. But thanks, anyways, it's useful.