- Multipool 16 coins + fast gui miner


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Dec 13, 2017
We would like to introduce you a new multicurrency pool.
With Panda you can mine the most popular cryptocurrencies.

To start mining you don't even have to open wallet in this or that currency. So the process becomes even easier.
You store the coins on and you can withdraw them anytime!

Currently we support the next currencies:

BitcoinGold [BTG]
BitcoinZ [BTCZ]
Bytecoin [BCN]
Dashcoin [DSH]
Electroneum [ETN]
Ethereum Classic [ETC]

Expanse [EXP]
Hush [HUSH]
Karbo [KRB]
Komodo [KMD]
Monero [XMR]
Musicoin [MUSIC]

Sumokoin [SUMO]
ZCash [ZEC]
ZClassic [ZCL]
ZenCash [ZEN]

How to start mining?
The detailed instruction you can get here.
Just choose the right instruction and the needed coin.
You can do the same in our User Control Panel after the registration.

Where to download the Pandaminer?

You can download the miner on

We have affiliate program!
Attract friends and get %!
You can get more information about it here

Several screenshots of our beautiful User Control Panel

Several screenshots of out GUI miner: pandaminer v1.0:

Pool features:

1. Safe storage of coins - 90% of coins are stored in cold storage!
2. Complete block reward including transaction fees.
3. Fair reward system: PPLNS.
4. Telegram Bot - can display your balance and work status of the farms.
5 Notification bots about any events with your farms and balances on your email or Telegram account.
5. Convenient support: the ticket system in control panel, Telegram chat, Email support
6. Nicehash dedicated port (100% compatible with Nicehash stratum).
7. Fair Pool fee - 1,5%
8. We support payments to the wallets of the cryptocurrency exchanges (You can specify a PaymentID for Cryptonote coins)
9. Using our miner that shows the best hashrate on any hardware you can see the real hashrate almost instantly.

Pool advantages:

1. Real dedicated servers located in data center in Europe. We use BladeSystems and expensive fault-tolerant servers.
2. DDOS protection.
3. Nicehash dedicated port (100% compatible with Nicehash stratum).
4. Detailed statistics with multiple graphs for each miner.
5 Convenient User Control Panel, free and fast GUI Miner!
6. And this is just the beginning!