Opinion competition


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Dec 22, 2017
Helo bitco.in people, my name is Anna.
I'm a journalist from business times magazine.
I'm working on a special crypto currency issue that will be launched in February 2018 and I really need you. My wish is to bring into contact to polar worlds - world of crypto economics and world of old school "real money" economics.
We all are well informed of what opposite side thinks about crypto, in general it's the mistrust agenda.
But still we don't know much about your thoughts on paper and metal money. This is the grey area that I want to cover. What's is so special that attributes to money and makes them fading, how do you feel it in a private life? Or you think in future this two worlds will live side by side?
All of you are very welcome to private messages, share your thoughts with me and I promise to publish the best of it.