Opentimestamps - Notary service


Sep 13, 2015
I see that has added a notary service:

I think that it can do a better thing my making it "free".

It is fully open source, but it is available only on BTC

They are doing it for free on BTC, how?

Here how it works:

It uses Merkle Trees to "put" all the hashes on a single tx.

They are doing a "single" tx every 24h with an "unlimited" number of uses.

As I said it is fully open source, so I think that you can just modify it to make the tx to the BCH network instead of the BTC network.

The other good thing of it, you can try it here: it is that it can be easily used even by phone (try it), just by cliccking "Drop here a document Or click to select one" rettangle, and selecting to take a picture, it will be instant.

I think that you should give a look at it :)