Onename vs Netki approaches


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Sep 8, 2015
Onename and Netki offer different approaches to establishing a wallet alias or name mapping convention.

Netki is based on the Namecoin blockchain, which is based on the traditional DNS concept. It is not free to maintain DNS and it is also not free to maintain/mine Namecoin, which involves proof-of-work.

Onename recently decided to drop Namecoin, citing lack of reliability/trust in the Namecoin blockchain. (The Namecoin network is not decentralized and the mining group Discus Fish controls 60-70% of its hashing power.)

It is free to register an alias at Onename, which is a system based on three social network identities. I have registered in order to claim my alias.

Netki, on the other hand, offers integration with wallet services through its partnership with Gem, ChangeTip, ShapeShift, and However, its solution remains unconvincing as its approach certainly has not gained wider adoption.
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Aug 28, 2015
Onename has done a very good job getting started with a network effect and advertising. However, i think their decision to move to the bitcoin blockchain is a mistake in the sense that it sets a bad precedent, which is to use bitcoin to store key-value pairs.

aliases will quickly devolve into gibberish just like email if its popular, and all while promoting the reuse of btc addresses, which is not a recommended practice for good privacy (maybe not so important for their users?). so perhaps not much better than just using vanity addresses.

one benefit of NMC is that names expire after ~200 days, so the blockchain can be pruned quite easily with little consequence.

i understand their decision, but it seems short-sighted and opportunistic.
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