One night on Necker Island:The Bitcoin Cash love triangle


Jul 2, 2019
One thing we can all agree on about the crypto industry is that it’s never dull. We’ve got the full scoop on the Roger Ver, Calvin Ayre, Binance story, blow by blow. Strap yourselves in.

First installment: Roger Ver

Roger Ver, executive chairman of and Bitcoin Cash ABC proponent, is known for his relentless work in promoting crypto and blockchain adoption. His constant commitment to the cause has even earned him the nickname “Bitcoin Jesus”. Often facing backlash from other community members, Ver is committed to economic growth, and building a sustainable peer-to-peer crypto industry.

The story starts with Roger Ver announcing to the Twittersphere that he pitched the Bitcoin Cash Economic Fund to investors on Necker Island. Now Necker Island is owned by Richard Branson, and the tweet tags him. Branson liked the tweet, so we’re assuming he’s involved in one way or another.

The fund will be focusing on payment solutions and invest in payment gateways and wallet acquirers. It is so far linked with and The idea is to fund projects that will further develop and grow Bitcoin Cash adoption as well as the entire crypto industry. Champion.

BCH Is Having A Better Day Than BSV

Enter Calvin Ayre, founder of Coingeek and BSV supporter and financier.

He’s not a fan, understandably. In 2018, Bitcoin Cash split into two cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin Cash (BCHABC) and Bitcoin SV (BSV). The interesting point here is that Calvin Ayre has publicly spoken about his admiration of Richard Branson and how he used his personal brand to promote his companies, yet lashed out in a tweet with Sir Branson in the thick of it. Right, moving on to the next blow.

CoinGeeks Throws Shade At Binance

CoinGeek (owned by Ayre) posted a story on 22 November reporting that Binance is on the run in China following their offices being raided. This story is based on a story by The Block, which is “according to sources”. No comments from the Binance gang.

Did you catch that shade though:

These elements can be best evidenced by their fear of a regulatory friendly coin like Bitcoin SV (BSV), and help explain why China would want them out. China is now blockchain friendly, but not criminal friendly.

It’s no secret that CoinGeek and BSV make up their own crypto cartel, one glance at their home page and you know. It’s not uncommon for the “Bitcoin news site” to bash others that don’t support either entity. Are you ready for the next blow?

Binance Not Backing Down

It seems that didn’t thrill Binance, one of the world’s biggest crypto exchanges. Binance are notorious for delisting BSV after its founder, Craig Wright, claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto and attacked anyone on Twitter who said otherwise. His claims have been greatly disputed.

In a presumed act of retaliation, Binance announced that as of 27 November, they will be updating the BCHABC ticker to BCH. Making a statement that that’s the only Bitcoin Cash, perhaps?

A love triangle gone wrong?

It is widely known that billionaire Calvin Ayre is a fan of Richard Branson, even admitting to modelling his own personal brand on that of the Virgin Group founder. As BCH’s Roger Ver cosies up on Necker Island, assumably joins ties with Branson, is this a love triangle gone wrong?

And that concludes our blow by blow account of Roger Ver, Calvin Ayre, Binance. I think we can all agree that BCH is having a better day than BSV. Game, Set, Match. Excited to see the next move.