Often, the miner reset to the default setting while working


New Member
Feb 12, 2020
Hi everyone,

We have a couple of Cheetah miner F1.

The problem is when the power is cut for safety issues or even in some cases at normal conditions (which happens a lot lately), our devices (F1 Miners) reset to the default setting (I can say factory setting). The IPs don't change but the pool setting goes back to the pool factory set for the first time. It means they don't mine for us and they do it for the manufacturer and we have to change it back to our desired setting again.

I should mention the latest version of F1 firmware which we got is installed on our devices.

Does anyone have any idea what is the problem and how we can solve it? If more info is required, please kindly let me know and I will do my best to explain in more detail.