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Jul 21, 2019

Players will take part in portfolio races, where a percentage ratio of several leading
cryptocurrencies is displayed in the portfolio of each player. Five players can participate
in each race, with the goal being to determine your portfolio ratio in such a way that it is
the one that grows the most during the race, which lasts for 60 seconds.
Up-to-dateinformation on each currency is taken from Binance or CoinMarketCap API.

To start the race, the player has to choose his favorite kitty and make a bet.
The smallest bet possible is 1 Waves, and the prize depends on the place the
player takes at the end of the race: the player that arrives first receives x2
of his initial deposit; the second player receives x1.5; the third x1; fourth and
fifth places lose all their bets.

Nyan Cats are the leading characters of the game.Initially,
every Nan Cat has a fixed portfolio and the player will need
to choose from their collection a cat that fits best the tactic that
he/she follows.The level of each Nyan Cat grows as it participates
in races – the greater the level, the greater part of the cat's portfolio
can be changed by the player.

The cats are unique and realized via NFT-tokens,which lets players
sell them and exchange them with other players on NFT-exchanges
(such as Waves Dex).Nyan Cats are also sold in lootboxes.
Several different cats are available for purchase: Unusual, Rare,
Epic, and Legendary.
Based on our economic model,the price of cats will grow with their
level an upgraded Rare Nyan Cat of the top level will cost more than
a novice Epic cat. Additionally, Epic and Legendary Nyan Cats will
be hand-drawn by our graphic designers,and will have their own
unique soundtracks,created by a composer especially for this cat.Limited
emission will also impact the price.Remember, only 20 Legendary
Nyan Cats are available for purchase!

Fans of our first game — Ether Kingdoms — are familiar with the concept
of leaderboards. These will be implemented in NyanCat: The Crypto Race.
Leaderboards are competitions among players,in which we will give away
$2,000 every week. Hurry to buy your kitties at a discount and buckle
up – we’re racing to the Moon faster than you can imagine!

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