NPC Community - daily cash outs to your BTC and LTC wallets

Alina NPCodes

New Member
Nov 26, 2019
Hello everybody!

We've launched a new project, an aggregator for discount codes for several industries, and it comes along with a nice and rewarding community. If you sign up a free account on, submit discounts and once you reach the payment threshold we'll pay you to your BTC and LTC wallets.

The discounts came come from a variety of fields: home, garden, travel, fashion etc. You'll find all needed examples on our website.
You don't have to test each discount, but only to make sure the sources are reliable (the shop websites themselves or major aggregators like groupon) and provide enough details.

After reaching the min threshold for payments ($8 on each payment), you can add your wallet and request a cash out. It takes up to 24hrs for us to send payments (during week days).

Let me know if you have any questions, I'll be happy to guide you along the way.


NewPromo.Codes Team