noob, should I host?


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Jun 13, 2017
If a participate as a Bitcoin host, other than supporting Bitcoin, what is the motivation? Is the a TINY payment to me?




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Aug 28, 2015
Hi @Monty welcome. By host I think you mean run a relay node.

To be honest there is not much incentive to host a node unless you are invited in the integrity of the network. There are many reasons to want to support the network they're all personal to you.

There are some altcoins that have what's called a PoS (proof of stake) security model where those who host a node earn a interest on the amount of coins they have hosted on the node (know as stake)

If you're looking for a something you just host there is where you get paid for hosting disk space.

The best way to get involved in bitcoin is to buy some BTC and save it.

You don't need to run a node unless there is benefit to you there is no payment, just a payment for those who do Proof of Work (PoW) that's a Multi-dollar business. If you want to help BU you can run a node with port 8333 open.