Nitro - World's first ICO backed by a publicly listed company


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Oct 5, 2017
With various new cryptocurrencies spinging up every week the investor community is looking for credible team and business model that increasingly become the crucial consideration factors on the viability of these coins.

A lot these ICOs are backed by developers who do not have any commercial track-record of success. Many of them of no business experience. If the digital currency is about a business application I definitely think past experience of success is very important.

Nitro is backed by a listed game company that has shareholders that include Baidu (USD60 billion market-cap Chinese internet company) , IncubateFund (early stage Japanese VC backed by Tencent) and listed venture builder Fatfish Internet Group. From the perspective of business credential this is rare.

Nitro (NOX) is a very interesting concept. The holders of NOX (Nitro) tokens can partake in the video game economy.

As of today the top 10 video game companies made over 50% of the industry's total revenue

With NOX (Nitro) tokens now anyone can, among other things, vote on games (which were curated by Nitro teams) which they'd like to see funded. Can also use Nox tokens as "in game currency". Moreover, Nitro shares in the revenue from successfully funded games (and some of this money is later distributed to token holders!).

For more information on this latest ICO, Nitro (NOX) you can visit