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Jun 7, 2022
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Of course, hello everyone! Thank you to this space for having the opportunity to be read here.

I love this Perfects Love project because in my eyes it is truly unique. What I mean is: A total of over 1 trillion possible unique options of which only 25,000 were created, a unique marker execution, you know every detail was drawn with markers and this process lasted over 5 months.

About the concept: Oh this is the most any too, you know at every moment everyone has different conflicts, with people, money, the world in general or its perception.

These NFTsPFPs Perfects Love is the harmony of these conflicts, that is the truest and most correct solution to them. What am I saying? It is a representation of the whole world, the earth in motion, life and sport, evolution.

The description of each NFTsPFPs Perfects Love brings our human species, different countries and professions, people and general direction together. - That was the goal, too.

Where is the project going?
The important goal is the game, global! I want to tell and that each country and profession in the description to NFTsPFPs Perfects Love has its own important meaning. Yes, exactly a global game. Will it be simple? For the common man, yes. For the person who wants even more power - will be under his level and he will strive to understand the depth of this game.

A road map?
Yes, soon it will be 10.07.22 - the second part of Perfects Love, with its own name, but important for this project, will be released. - It's a new character. Then the third part will come out on 10.09.22 - This is also a new character.

In all this time, the calculation and design of the primary documents for the game and its policies continue.
In 2024, the plan is to launch an alpha of the game.

Oh it would have been more time, you know?) We go to discord 3-4 times a week for sure. I can guarantee that if you write to us there, within a week we (the team) will answer you.

It's interesting here, we decided to take about 2,000 NFTsPFPs Perfects Love and place them on sites at different prices.

Right now prices start at 0.005-32ETH. The ones that are lower in price are quickly picked up and there may be a few left, they go up evenly in price.
And open the possibility of minting with the release of the second series. There will be a price of 0.08 ETH.

I hope this brief introduction to the project was enough for you. If not, please write to discord: