NexTrade Trust managment

Kate Saniuk

New Member
Sep 23, 2019
With a big pleasure, we want to introduce you a trust management service for your capital on Bitmex exchange.

We called our Group NexTrade. Our department, at the same time, successfully works in several hedge funds, and the experience of traders varies from 3 to 6 years.

What we offer and how we work:

We will help you to invest in BTC smartly! Do you trust in Bitcoin? Are you ready to invest in cryptocurrencies? We will guide and protect you!

For example, you got some BTC and waiting for price growing, during this period we can multiply your capital! We provide you with a trust management service in pairs BTC/USD and ETH/USD (through your API keys without access to withdrawing your funds from the stock exchange, referral link for registration we will give). All orders are accompanied by short stop-loss, that’s why we guarantee and protect your fund from wasting(as can be found on the internet there are plenty of stories about how the trader got -90% of the Deposit. We have such impossible). Once in two weeks (or per month), we will expect you to pay commissions (40% of total income, percentage changes according to your investment). In case of non-payment, we simply disconnect you from the system and stop our cooperation. In the absence of profit on our part, no payments are required, we continue to trade until the breakeven and continue to work for a profit.

Minimal deposit to enter - 0.2 BTC
(Recommended deposit - 2 BTC)

The average profitability of our strategies is about 10% per month of capital. Ranges from 8% to 15%. Of these total profits, 40% we take for ourselves. Your profit in the dry balance is from 5 to 10% per month of the capital. All calculations go to BTC, our goal is to increase BTC.

Our work examples:

We also have a referral system. For each investor who comes from you, we will pay you 20% of our profit. If you have some money and you don’t know how to “make them work” write to me and I will answer all your questions with big pleasure, and always will find time for you.

We have a client Chat access to which you will get after participation.

One more time
1. We do not accept deposits to our personal accounts! You replenish your own accounts on exchanges!

2. We do not ask you to give us API keys with withdraw options. All payments to our accounts are made only by you. The API key should be configured with disabled withdraw function! 2FA on your Account is MANDATORY!

1 Why you need investments, looks like you are doing great? Why do you take in trust, if you have 6 BTC, which you can also multiply?

A. Investment increment is the simplest way to increase capital flow. It also simplifies trading, as with the growth of total investment - less need to catch a large percentage, and therefore trade will be more secure.


A. Bitmex will not allow us to do that if you will not allow. We don’t need this option for our cooperation.

3 You will lose all our money in manipulation with shit coins!

A. First of all, BITMIX doesn’t have shit coins. The listing contains BTC, BCH, EOS, TRX, ADA, ETH. And if to be honest, we can just dream about having so huge sum of money to dump or pump them. Secondly, Bitmex has a protection system against pumps, even if they are well organized. Thus, to scum our clients dramatically tend to zero.

4 I will better invest in Gambling!

A. Have luck….