New Reality From IZITEX


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Sep 10, 2017
New reality from Izetex

Advertising is a perpetual motion that pushes progress. And the fuel for this engine has always been the attention of a potential customer. The trouble with a modern advertiser is that it will attract more and more every day.
When street advertising became cramped in shop windows, it had to move to the Internet. Gradually increasing the advertising space, Internet sites are faced with a new phenomenon - banner blindness, when a visitor of the site no longer pays attention to kittens, feminine charms or screaming headlines. In addition, most advanced users have a block for pop-up ads in video sharing or social networks.

The lion's share of the cost of any product is taken away by its promotion. Prices for advertising are constantly growing, and efficiency is falling. Social networks, a couple of years ago, were an excellent platform for promotion, hand over positions to messengers, where it is much more difficult to attract a client.

New blockchain-platform IZX can be the solution to all these problems. Using the technology of augmented reality, Izetex has developed a unique approach to the promotion of the product, which won?t leave indifferent neither the client nor the advertiser.
Thanks to IZX, advertising from obsessive banners turns into a fun game in the style of the cult Pokemon Go. A huge number of locations scattered game tokens, which will be collected by a potential client. Hunting for tokens, the player does not just have fun - the game currency now can be monetized in reality: exchanged for a product, service or discount.

And most importantly - using Izetex platform you can not only become a trapper of crypto-currencies, but also create your own unique games, innovating your own business. Today, the IZX application has already downloaded about 15,000 people from 80 countries. By the summer of 2018, Izetex plans to enter a crypto exchange, which will allow exchanging game tokens for bitcoins, ethers and other virtual currency. Buy stock tokens, and thus get the right to issue game IZX Drive tokens can be on the official website of ICO
Thus, combining block and supplemented reality, IZX provides the advertiser with the shortest path to the client, devoid of any intermediaries. Spot, beating directly into the target advertising, guaranteed to lead you to the buyer.