New opportunity for Emercoin Holders


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Mar 28, 2016
Hey Guys,

Wanna share some marvelous news with you as I am myself an Emercoin holder and find this opportunity worth spreading. Here is the Emercoin global investment fund EMC Global Fund appeared in Feb 2016, an independent project which has a known affiliation with a prominent system and a cryptocurrency of the same name, Emercoin.

Despite being a very young project, their activity is already bearing its fruit. I am impressed during the first month of its existence, it has already managed to attract more than $100,000 of investment. They are planning to attract about $1M of investors’ money. What is more they also plan to invest in at least 10 different companies during the following 6 months.

As far as I know in the meantime, the fund is actively working with the startups. In its essence, EMC Global Fund is a regular venture fund - it attracts investors and investment, funds startups, purchasing a share of each of them in the process, and subsequently closely follows their activities. One of its main distinctions from the regular venture funds is its high specialization, simply put, the main focus of the fund is financing the startups and companies, which use or plan to use Emercoin’s blockchain technology.

First off, it’s worth noting that EMC Global Fund is ready to invest in companies at different stages of their lifecycle, but the preference ultimately goes to startups at seed and early stages of growth. That is only natural as the potential ROI of such investments is very high, even when the higher risks are taken into account. Then, given the task that stands before the fund, it’s logical to mention that one of, if not the most important criterion for selection of startups is the possibility of the use of blockchain technology by them. The average sum of investment per each startup is something around $50K-150K.

However everything is quite simpler when speaking about the investors. There are no specific requirements for them, and their status plays no significant role. If the fund’s activities have interested a potential investor, they can just purchase a share of ownership.

I find this initiative a good thing as evidently fund is dedicated to a mission which is truly important in the current business environment. It’s actions can have a very significant effect of the development and mass-adoption of blockchain technologies in the long run.

EMC Global Fund official Facebook page: