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Jan 20, 2018
Alttex platform is the one that can be singled out from the large number of offers for servicing operations with the cryptocurrency. One can buy and sell digital money here with just a single click. All you need for doing that is your mobile phone with access to the Internet, and a payment card. Let’s look at the features and advantages of this service in greater detail.

What is Alttex?

Alttex is the system of innovative solutions that combines decentralized exchange for cryptocurrency transactions, a convenient instant messenger to communicate with partners and contractors, as well as modern online safe to securely store your digital capital in bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency.

All technologies are specially designed for mobile device users. High level of security lies at the core of the platform operation. For example, one can create private chat rooms in the messenger and there’s no need to be afraid of data leakage.

Despite the complex design, the interface of this Internet resource is simple and understandable. It is not necessary to ramble through the menu for a long time. You just have to visit the website and perform all the necessary operations. Usually this takes only a few seconds.

Capabilities of innovation system

  • While working with Alttex you will not have to face the need to pay for the intermediaries' services or transfer unreasonably high fees for services.
  • During carrying out a deal one can choose to completely anonymous mode, or verify identity.
  • Transaction time takes only a few seconds. To sell and buy currency is as easy as if you were ordering equipment in an online store.
  • If you encounter any difficulties while working with the service, a competent support service representative will quickly respond to your request for assistance.
Why it is worth trying cryptocurrenccy exchange deals on the Alttex platform

The decentralized Alttex exchange is a convenient and safe platform for the cryptocurrency transactions. You will not see high commissions here, as well as middlemen trying to make money off you.

It is possible to link several plastic cards to one wallet at once. If the balance of your wallet is positive, you will have a chance to pay off the terminal and even withdraw cash out of the ATM.

All operations to exchange cryptocurrency for real money are performed automatically at a favorable rate.

Main advantages of Alttex cryptocurrency exchange
  • This platform is decentralised, which means your cryptocurrency wallets are protected from hacker attacks and hackings.
  • Multi-level security system. Double authentication when entering your personal profile, and also protection with Face ID, Touch ID, pin-codes for email and access only through the allowed IP-addresses.
  • The platform was originally developed as a mobile devices resource. It supports iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.
  • Everything is as simple as it gets. You invest in cryptocurrency and become richer in just a few clicks.
  • Replenish your account with the help of a credit card from any place with the Internet access in the world.
Unique features of a cryptomessenger AltMessenger

AltMessenger is a modern messenger that was specially designed to meet the needs of the cryptocurrency market participants. The Blockchain technology is at the core of its functioning. Absence of central servers provides a high protection level.

You can not only communicate with the help of this application, but also buy and sell goods and services for cryptocurrency on the Internet.

What AltMessenger can do?

1. It can ensure a high level of communication. There's an opportunity to get free communication for personal and commercial purposes. And also paid outgoing calls to cellular phones at a price of only 5 cents per minute are avalable.

2. Multi-currency wallet for storing and exchanging of cryptocurrency is at your disposal.

3. Custom Store is a convenient platform for selling and buying products for cryptocurrency on favorable terms.

4. There is also an opportunity to create chats and have fun with the help of interesting apps in the messenger.

SmartSafe AltSafe is your capital security guarantee

AltSafe is a smart safe with interactive access to your multi-currency wallet.

Smart safe features:

1. The current account balance is displayed not only in cryptocurrency, but also in fiat (in real money).

2. It provides the possibility to store BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, DASH, ALTX using cold or hot wallets.

3. Secure multi-currency wallet can work with all types of mobile devices.

4. You can add new wallets and transfer money between them just in few clicks.

5. After the project has already been launched, the company undertakes the creation of a physical crypto-safe with the ability to transfer the cryptocurrency to AltSafe and back in a fast way.

6. Recent cryptocurrency market news reports are also published in the smart safe.


Modern participants of a cryptocurrency market often use several services at the same time, to get all necessary quality crypto-services. Alttex platform addresses this challenge, since it becomes the only convenient tool for all the available operations with cryptocurrency.

Now it is enough to add only one website to your bookmarks to invest in cryptocurrency, make money out of it and spend the earned profit.

Thanks to a convenient messenger you will get one common and convenient channel of communication with all partners and contractors.

And a smart safe will help you save capital in any cryptocurrency you prefer to work with at the moment.

Visit for more info.
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