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Jul 5, 2020
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CryptoLadder is an all in one solution for trading Binance Futures products. Offering up to 24 Products to trade through a new approach of executing trades. An all in one solution for active traders looking to leverage their position in the market. CryptoLadder boasts a front end that hasn't been attempted before at a commercial level.

Instance Ladders Instantly
With up to 24 products available there is no need to scroll through endless lists and links to find the asset you want to trade. Simply click and go from the Product Explorer.

Instant Execution
Seamless and instant trade execution directly through the exchanges API enables you to get a leg up on other market participants manually entering via the website.

Real Time Order books / Last Trade
Live and instant order books at your fingertips enable you to see exactly what is happening as and when it happens. Combined with the fastest last trade feed and ladder indicators as to the nature of the last trade.

Position Statistics
Real time position statistics including last traded direction, position amount in ₿, Leverage, $PNL and Points PNL (Difference between your entry and current price in $). As well as a live average price placed on the center of the ladder.

CryptoLadder offers an easily accessible platform compiling all the information needed to trade effectively and efficiently into one place.

CryptoLadder keeps you covered.
Enabling access to the following features it is a necessary tool for any aspiring or experienced trader.
Full Binance Product Suite
Instant Execution
Ladder Displayed Order book
BTC Trade Sound Threshold
Secure API Storage
Real Time Data
Extended Position Stats
Frequently asked questions

Can I try it for free?
Yes you can try the free trial which will give you access to the full features on a selected product.

Do you have hidden fees?
We do not harbor any hidden fees. A one time payment covers it.

What are the payment methods you accept?
We accept all usual eCommerce payment methods.

How often do you release updates?
New releases are planned with an emphasis on taking your feedback into account.

Can I hold you liable for any losses I take?
We are not liable for any trading decisions you make via our software. Please refer to our disclaimer upon downloading our software.

What makes the Pro version superior to the Lite Version?
Our pro package offers the full 24 product Binance Futures suite including a live personal positions chart for BTCUSDT.