New generation pool! No need to stop miner/nicehash order


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Aug 3, 2018
Recently I have found a new pool that is completely different to those outdated pools all of us are used to. It is revolutionary new. I don't know any other pool that has implemented such features yet.

Outstanding feature of the unique pool is that you can change your coin while mining (even with Nicehash) surfing through various coins without restart/reconfigure of your miner (stop of your Nicehash order)!

With you can mine DaggerHashimoto coins whatever way you like:

- you can create your own groups with your friends, cchoosing between PPLNT or PROP yourself, inviting only those you want to the group;

- joining PPLNT of the pool;

- mining in SOLO.

Developers are going to add other algos as well. I believe the pool to b eone of the most successful in the nearest future.

Below I decided to place a small manual on how to configure your account. It is super easy but may be new for some users.

Easy way to login - just click Log in with Google on the right corner and choose your Google account. That's it. The system will remember you with the unique name.

After you log in you will see your account ID in the center. You will need it to configure you miner. You will also have to create a worker. Press Workers menu and then press Add worker. You may add any number of workers you like for different coins or you may just create one worker and simply change a coin name assigned for the worker. See below.

When your worker is created you will need to configure your miner or Nicehash pool. Please go to the main page and follow instructions scrolling down a bit. Please note that you don’t have to write your wallet but your_ID.worker_name, like:


There are examples for different miners and Nicehash.

That is it. You may start mining. If you wish to change a coin simply go to Workers menu and choose your worker and press Change mining green button. Then choose your new coin! You don’t have to stop your miner or to stop your Nicehash order simply change your coin and continue mining immediately. Nicehash order will not go to Dead.

Please note that there is also a Wallets menu where you can create your wallets. You may create several wallets for every coin. That is very comfortable. You simply enable one of the wallets and the payment will be made to it every 10 minutes. You can also change the minimum amount of the payment to be made.

Another cool thing is that you can create your own Mining groups with your friends. Go to Mining Groups, press Add group, choose the coin, name your group, choose mining strategy between PPLNT or PROP. After you create a group it will appear at Mining Group menu. Press it’s name and there you can Invite users. Ask them their IDs and simply add them. They will see your group in the list of coins and choose it for their worker.

Have a nice mining!