New crypto FIBONUM and AIRDROP (gives up to $1000)


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Jun 5, 2019
Hi everyone!

Let me share with you a new interesting project I discovered recently. The team of crypto-anarchists created FIBONUM to become one of the best methods of saving and increasing user's crypto capital. Look up here about Fibonum -

FIBONUM is not managed by people. But by open source on the basis of ERC20 smart contracts. It's allows all users to have a part of projects capital.

Fibonum makes it possible for you to earn up to 35% of profit in 1 cycle which can last for just 1 day.

It's really difficult to lose money in Fibonum because Ethereum reserve on the balance of smart contracts and the effect of secret cyclic formula open for each participant completely new opportunities for smart contracts to constantly and regularly buy tokens at a low and sell it at a high.

You can earn income on active trading, have a passive income and increase your capital through a referral program.

Guys! Right now there are an AIRDROP (read airdrop's rules here - You can earn up to $1000 for simple steps! And 35% of profit per cycle on a regular basis seems to me very tempting :) Isn't it?

Your comments are very welcome :)