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Mar 13, 2019
`We're launching a new product for the crypto community which is designed to solve a small but significant problem with hardware wallets, and we are giving some samples away to people who are interested in reviewing it. Our initial market testing has shown encouraging results, with most people using the device whenever they use their hardware wallet. We want to test this further.

The device is called a Walletclip. It is used to clip your hardware wallet to the top edge of your laptop screen, which is the most practical and convenient place to mount it for easy access and viewability. (Wait, is viewability even a word?)

The problem this solves is that, without the Walletclip, the hardware wallet generally isn't in a very good position on your desktop. The cable can push the device around, and even twist it away from you, which is annoying when you are trying to enter your scrambled PIN or verifying an address. The Walletclip solves this by mounting the hardware wallet at the top of your laptop screen and orienting it's display towards you.

We've come up with a cute method of attaching the clip (and thus your hardware wallet) to your laptop screen no matter what thickness it is (within reason), using a spring mechanism built right into the clip.

So sign up at and we'll be in touch about the review. `