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Apr 17, 2018
About Nebula AI
Nebula AI is a decentralized blockhain system intended for various computer services of artificial intelligence. The idea of this and other similar projects is based on two simple things : the lack of computational power for machine learning tasks and big data analysis, and on the other hand - the surplus of these capacities in the mining, from the practical point of view, as a rule, absolutely useless and unnecessary.

The idea of the project is to unite people who are in different parts of the globe with the purpose of solving some common problem, implementing interaction and data exchange. As a result, at the decelerated beginning, with a high speed of data processing, it will be possible to solve the problem of reunion of resources at the international level. A database will be created with the help of which developers will be able to place their applications of artificial intelligence.

Then, How does it works?
The Nebula AI ecosystem consists of two components:

▶The NBAI foundation: will be a non-profit and independent organization where different universities, institutes and research centers will join to conduct research about AI and also take responsibility to train AI engineers as well as to promote AI.

▶The NBAI system is where we can find the core technologies. Nebula AI will use a new consensus algorithm, called the Proof of Group (PoG). Miners use their computing power to perform AI algorithms calculation and they will receive NBAI tokens as rewards. Interested in PoG algorithm? Check out the website below.

Nebula AI has actually planned for the wide-adoption of their AI blockchain in the future by co-operating with large-scale third-party data centers in Quebec. Quebec has always been the best place to built a data centre thanks to the low electricity rates, low temperature and government’s effort to attract AI talents. The last component of the NBAI system is of course the AI mining machines. Common AI algorithms and other useful libraries will be pre-installed and the machines can be used to run AI calculations as well as to mine coins.

The team

Most of members are blockchain developers and AI engineers

Token Information

Nebula AI is currently in the stage of public sale and it will run for one more week, until 20th April . Currently NBAIs are ERC20 tokens but they will be swapped once the main net is launched.

Token: NBAI

Price: 1 ETH = 100 000 NBAI

Soft cap: 5000 ETH

Hard cap: 30 000 ETH

Total supply: 6,7 Billion

Circulating supply: 3 015 000 000 (45%)

Market cap: Around 18M (with 1 ETH = 600 USD)

Token Distribution

Business Roadmap

Nebula AI is definitely one of the most under-the-radar blockchain project right now. It is the first blockchain for AI and it lays the fundamental infrastructure to enable developers to deploy innovative AI applications, in various industries, with high efficiency and low cost . Blockchain and AI are two technologies that are currently changing our world. It is just a matter of time until AI and blockchain are combined seamlessly together.

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