Nauticus is changing the way we trade crypto


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Jun 7, 2018
Nauticus is currently in its ICO stage. Nauticus is going to create one of the most advanced crypto exchanges on our market. Nauticus plans on allowing their users to trade 100 crypto & 7 fiat currencies. That will make Nauticus the biggest exchange to date. Nauticus also plans on developing a blockchain mining center which will be used to ensure speedy transactions for its user-base. This blockchain mining center will serve multiple purposes.

Blockchain Mining Center:

  1. Provide server capacity
  2. Increase transaction speed while decreasing transaction costs
  3. Utilize renewable energy
  4. Revenue will be reinvested into the business
  5. Using cutting edge Antminer S9 models
Nauticus will be able to support one million transactions a second! Nauticus also has the vision to expand their coin & fiat listings. They want to be able to incorporate over 300 crypto & 16 fiat currencies as their project expands. Nauticus has also developed a simplistic interface that is designed to cater to new investors. There will be more advanced options available to investors that are seasoned in crypto trading.


What do you guys think of this ICO?

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