MyDexPay Airdrop (50$) + per ref 25$ without limit and other opportunities


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Apr 7, 2019
MyDexPay defines every investor as its shareholder. With MyDexPay, many other revolutionary innovations has brought a new excitement to the digital currency system.

You will see a lot of gains in this project.

When you log in to the site for the first time, MyDexPay gives 1000 XMD token (50$).
Plus, anyone log in with your reference, you will take 500 XMD token (25$) per references, without limit.

And node income! With your investment, you can earn 7.5 times of your investment.
Mobile wallet, stock exchange, ATMs, e-commerce, debit cards and other exciting improvements!

Register Link:

To help other investment type, our telegram channel is coming soon!