My trading success


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Aug 30, 2019
Hey everyone!

I never thought I would be that guy that makes money off of Bitcoin, but now, I am that guy. I've been buying and selling Bitcoin since about mid-March and it has been really good to me. If you look at a yearly chart of Bitcoin, you know that was a good time to get in. Like every good trader, I began to study technical analysis and designed my own trading strategy.

My first trade was on March 11, 2019, when I decided to buy Bitcoin at $3,900. So, I set a buy-limit order at $3,900 with a stop-loss order at $3,750 and a take-profit order $4,250 (the next significant resistance level at a time). Based on technical analysis, there were numerous strong signals suggesting that the uptrend for BTC/USD is active and is going to continue. Fortunately, my forecast was accurate and I earned +$475 or +12% on my investment!

Since then I’m continuing to trade Bitcoin at Monfex. I’m an active trader and Monfex’s single-click trading interface makes my trading more simple and efficient. The execution speed is very fast. The trading costs are nearly zero. The liquidity is sufficient to accommodate any trade size.

I know it sounds complicated, but it really isn't. Take some time to research trade signals, news articles and everything in between. If you do all this, you should be good to go.

Please share your successful trading stories