Music talent search platform attended by superstars


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Jun 28, 2019
Creativity Meets $3.1 Trillion Dollar Blockchain Technology

Isina is an effective platform for new and upcoming artists to get noticed within the music industry,
by big names scouring the site for the next big thing. It’s a safe way for artists of any musical variety
to showcase their talent and has the ability to steer musical careers in a positive way. For musicians
wanting to increase their exposure, develop their fan base, or wanting to be recognized, Isina is the
place to be.
To be recognized as an upcoming talent on Isina, you need to receive votes from both the Isina
audience and the professionals. This is done in a fair and methodical way ensuring equality between
all participants. Influential professionals from all divisions of Isina submit their votes as to whom
they think should be placed into the final. When 30 musical participants have been highlighted, they
are all invited to join a six-week mentoring program to enhance their skill set, give advice regarding
the music industry and help them to get their foot in the door. Held in Hollywood, this is an
opportunity not to be missed, with the overall winner gaining a much talked about Isina contract.