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Apr 17, 2018

In the period of innovation and technology, the world is stepping inthe direction of sector of cryptocurrency and blockchain. The facilities offered by this technology is vast, with full of security and reliability. Moving more towards the cryptocurrency,in the market, they are considered as one of the hot topics, cryptocurrency such as bitcoin need a valid full proof algorithm for their transactions thus the platform of blockchain is needed for these currencies which provide loyalty towards the company and the customer. The leading blockchain platforms are sharing a common feature that has remarkable safety and reliability. At the same time, we need to pay a huge amount for the processing of the system, great power consumption, unacceptable pollution and the slowness of the system. All these factors are reasonable technical and commercial features which make the current platform of blockchain a bit nonadjustable with the marketplace.

MULTIVERSUM will be bringing revolution in the world of the blockchain. This will be beyond the existing speed and scalability of the existing platform, at the same time, it will be made with the business perspective that will be flexible to cooperate with the current environmental changes in the market. In the other hand, it will have more capability of speed, storage, reliability, auditing, and security.

The platform of Multiversum allows the creation of a relational crypto database which will not only handle the simple data type but also have potential to handle the complex group of data types. The relation is the first class of the platform with assured cryptographic methods.

Thus the evolving platform of multiversum offers attractive features ato go through with the demerits and problems associated with the preceding versions of the blockchain platform: Such as a set of crypto validation algorithms for distribution of it, which will be compatible with the upcoming environment in financial, administrative, Governmental and industrial aspects.

Solution with a Relational Blockchain 4.0

Multiversum will provide customers with tools that allow the generational leap to a safer Blockchain 4.0, able to create synergies among cryptocurrencies and to adapt to their specific needs, splitting and rejoining itself , allowing for a neater and faster data flux, which can manage them in a complex structured universe.

The slowness is mainly due to the lack of horizontal scalability. This means that instead of adding more processors to increase computational capacity, we are currently replacing them with faster versions. The other reason for this slowness is the current Blockchain safety mechanism. Another issue with the current Blockchain is the lack of homogeneity. There are so many cryptocurrencies out there. All these assets operate and live in their own universe and are unable to communicate with each other. To put a rest to all these problems, Multiversum ICO has proposed its own Blockchain which they proclaim to be the fourth gen Blockchain technology.


ICO Details

Designation: MTV
Type of tokens: ERC20
Price per click: 1 MTV = 1.00 USD
Tokens total: 141,000,000 MTV
Tokens for sale: 107,000,000 MTV

The sale of tokens will be allocated to eMTV- its own tokens and starts on the 1st of April in 2018 . To take part in this amazing project, please check:

However, in order to introduce incentives for early investors and larger deposits, the Platform has already developed a very complex multi-level bonus structure. In principle, the earlier you participate, the better the price you will get.


The idea behind the Multiversum project is aimed at combating the current flaws in the Blockchain. They do have a pretty interesting take on what is needed to move the Blockchain forward. The project is very ambitious and if implemented properly, will help the mass adoption of Blockchain in today’s world.

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