MultiMiner - automating all cryptocurrencies in one program


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Apr 27, 2020
The main algorithms are SHA256, Keccak, Scrypt, X11-15, Quark.

This program allows you to mine Litecoin and a number of other altcoins. MultiMiner is an improved version of BFGMiner. In comparison with its predecessor, there is a graphical shell.

☝ The program is well adapted for beginners, there are step-by-step instructions that indicate what and how to do.

This software tracks information about profitable coins, and then shares it with the user. There is a function of auto-automation. There is synchronization with well-known news resources.

  • Walkthrough for beginners.
  • High-quality technical support in return for voluntary donations (go to improve the program).

  • Anti-virus can perceive software as malicious.
Download mining program MultiMiner

P.S. (all files located in our repository are checked for viruses and are absolutely harmless)