much bitcoin


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Mar 30, 2019
if someone were to have 15000 or maybe 20000 bitcoin, would it have been possible to have this much bitcoin assuming they bought it on the public blockchain again assuming it didnt attract the attention of law enforcement? if they did get this much bitcoin on the public blockchain, how were they able to do so without attracting too much attention? if they didnt get it on the public blockchain, then where did they get this much bitcoin? lets assume for a moment it was now 25-30000 bitcoin for a moment, how could they have gone about acquiring more and more bitcoin or even if it was only 15000-20000? could this much bitcoin attract the attention of law enforcement or not? if it wasnt on the public blockchain, then where possibly could they have gotten or acquired it then? blackmarket? could they have hacked it or some other means to acquire this much bitcoin if not more? do you guys have any ideas how they could have had this amount if not more in bitcoin?