Moon3D - Crash Game with Ethereum


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Dec 28, 2018
Moon3D is a simple, fun and social gambling site. Every single thing fits on a single page: the game, the chat and the live stats. This game is social since it pits you against other players in chase of the bonus which allows you to acquire more profits.

Games take place round the clock, starting new round as soon as one ends, with a few seconds in between to allow players to place their bets. You can continue watching as much as you want and participate in any round when you’re comfortable.

Basically each round begins at 1x (although some games it instant crashes at 0x) then it starts to increase over time. You can then click cash-out whenever you feel like you have made enough profit.

With a futuristic look should appeal to everyone.

The site also offers a unique refer system with you being able to receive 0.2% of their wagers. Also if you get referred you get 1% bonus on your base bets. Amazing isn't it?

Well you can now experience it all today at