Moon Bot - trading bot-terminal for Bittrex


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Jan 15, 2018
The Moon Bot is a bot-terminal for playing on flash signals and scalping. Currently supports only Bittrex. Designed as a portable x64 windows app.

The main goal of the bot is to make a reasonable decision, is it worth buying a pumping coin, If yes then
buy a coin as fast as possible at the very beginning of a pump and sell fast with profit.

To achieve this the bot can do:
  • auto read from the Telegram and detect coins in channels messages
  • auto detect coin name in clipboard text
  • auto detect altcoin market activity
  • analyze all the coins to determine their "pumping quality"
  • adjust variety of settings helping to make fast automatic decision whether or not to buy the coin, at what price and so on
  • Tools for manual trading: rapid orders moving with a mouse, real time order book visualization, 1-second resolution charts, displaying all exchange's executed orders, volume indicator
  • Pending orders: Buy Stop pending order (for trading on breakdowns), Buy pending order (for trading in dumps, order doesn't reserve balance until placed on the exchange)
  • Stop Loss, Trailing Stop
  • and much more, read in details at Bot's site

The Bot is not intended for trading in a fully automatic mode. The Bot only automates routine operations and provides convenient tools, which gives a gain in time.
All Bot's tools are for fastest possible automating and fastest decision-making.

The Bot has pumps auto-detection algorithm but its not perfect yet, so the best results you will get using the bot in conjunction with a Telegram pump channel.

Links to actual pump examples you can find here

The Bot's workflow model:
You are waiting for a pump signal in a channel. Immediately as the message with pumping coin appears, The bot reads it, analyze the coin, place a buy order (in case the coin and the pump are good enough) and show you visual trading chart.
Immediately after the buy order has been executed, the Bot will put a sell order. Buy orders that are not executed in a pre-defined time will be cancelled automatically.

Another scenario when the bot is useful is scalp trading.

The main window screenshot:

My Bittrex last orders screenshot:

Download free version, the only difference from the full version is that the volume of each buy order is limited to 20 usdt.


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Jan 15, 2018
Free version of Moon Bot orders is limited up to 50$ max.
Premium version worth 0.03 BTC, one payment, no additional payments or fees.
Premium user ordrder's is not limited. Premium users recieve free update's, and fast (2 hours maximum) support for any questions or errors.