Miners from China


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Oct 9, 2017

I am a representative of AisaOptom company. One of goods what we deliver are miners. We deliver it from China. We have miners as in stock as like pre-order. There are some examples (price includes power adapter):

S9 pre order december 1999$

DR100 in stock 4800$

L3+ in stock 3550$
pre order october 3150$

Ibelink 11G in stock 4250$

Ibelink 22 in stock 7350$
end october's shipment 6630$
november's shipment 5200$

Price changes almost everyday, so if you want to know correct information please ask me. Also we have and other miners too. Write me on email or skype than I could send you link of our website, information about delivery, proof that we are legal company etc.

My email ishimov.danil@asiaoptom.com
skype danil.ishimov.93
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