MEXC Will Include KubeCoin (KUBE) in the Assessment Zone - Deposit to Earn 1,000 MX!


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Apr 26, 2022
MEXC will list KubeCoin (KUBE) in the Assessment Zone and begin trading in the KUBE/USDT pair.
The detailed timeline is provided below.

KUBE/USDT Trading: 12:00 2022-07-11
Deposit & Withdrawal: TBC (UTC)

Please be cautious and aware of the hidden risks of delisting when purchasing projects listed in the Assessment Zone.

Deposit KUBE and win from a prize pool of 1,000 MX.

Period of Activity: From the time the deposit is opened until 2022-07-14 16:00 (UTC)

Users who deposit KUBE with a net deposit of at least 50 USDT worth of KUBE during the activity period could share a total of 400 MX prize pool in proportion to the net deposit amount; users who deposit with a net deposit of at least 100 USDT worth of KUBE could share a total of 600 MX prize pool in proportion to the net deposit amount.

Project Information

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Project Name: KubeCoin (KUBE)

Official Website:

Project Brief Introduction:

KubeCoin is the cryptocurrency that is revolutionizing the travel and leisure industries, built on Cardano. KubeCoin is an extensive ecosystem of over 7 projects with real-world applicability, including FlyKube, EatKube, KubePay, NFT Collection, NFT Marketplace and KubeIn. We aim to continue developing our projects and expand our ecosystem to make cryptocurrencies adoptable in the real world.


  1. Net Deposit = Deposit - Withdrawal
  2. Users participating in this event must complete the required KYC verification before the end of the event to be deemed eligible for the rewards.
  3. MX rewards will be distributed within 10 working days after the event has concluded. All the MX rewards will be brought back from the secondary market.
  4. MEXC reserves the right to disqualify users that are deemed to be wash trading, illegally bulk registered accounts, as well as trades that display attributes of self-dealing or market manipulation.
  5. MEXC has the final interpretation right of the event.