MEXC Tutorial: How to buy Crypto via ACH


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Apr 26, 2022
Note: Before you begin your Fiat Trading please complete your Advanced KYC at [Identification] at [Person Center] first.

Step 1: Click on “Buy Crypto”, then click on “Global Bank Transfer”.

Step 2: Click on “ACH” then “Continue”.

Step 3: Please fill in the amount you would like to purchase, then add your bank account by clicking “Add Account”.

Step 4: Click on “Continue”.

Step 5: Select your bank.

Step 6: Fill in your “Email” and “Password” for your respective bank.

Step 7: Click Continue.

Step 8:
Wait for the success page to appear.

Step 9:
Fill in your “State”, “City”, “Address”, “Postal Code”, and “ssn”. Click “Continue”.

ACH transaction limit: 25,000USD per transaction and also per week for 1 user.

Settlement timing: The purchased tokens will be credited to your MEXC account within 5 business days.

Unsupported US states: Connecticut, Hawaii, New Hampshire, New York, Texas, Vermont, Virginia