MEXC Global:What Is Special About Immutable X(IMX Crypto)?


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Apr 26, 2022
One advantage of Immutable X is that it is one of the first layer-two systems to use zk-rollups and to concentrate just on NFTs. The project is at the forefront of advancement in the Ethereum ecosystem as zk-rollups gain popularity as a scaling option. If its projected transaction speed of more than 9,000 tps can be met, Immutable X has a high possibility of becoming the standard "NFT blockchain" in the future.

The API abstraction layer is a key element in delivering on this promise. Every NFT-related interaction, including minting, trading, and transferring, is now a straightforward API call on Immutable X because of REST APIs. The company believes that this will play a significant role in luring new competitors like well-known gaming and content providers to the market.

Additionally, when connecting their wallets, users won't need to switch networks. Additionally, the protocol offers a middle layer known as the "Link," which enables an NFT-specific wallet experience and permits Immutable X to support a third-party marketplace ecosystem without running the risk of security breaches.

NFT marketplaces can be constructed on Immutable X without a backend thanks to its shared global order book, which supports protocol liquidity. As a result, the native marketplace of the protocol can coexist with third-party marketplace solutions. With this option, the protocol also hopes to minimize entry barriers for smaller developers and content creators.