MEXC Exchange Has Launched USDC Staking Program


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Apr 26, 2022
MEXC has officially launched USDC staking program. Deposit and stake your USDC to enjoy up to 8% APY.

ProductTokenMin staking periodEst. APYMin staking amount
Defi StakingUSDC1 day, flexible8%10

  • Staking format: First-come, first-served basis.
  • Yield payout time: On a daily basis.
  • Redemption rules: Users can unstake and redeem anytime after reaching the minimum stake period.
The following staking products are also available:

ProductTokenMin staking periodEst. APYMin staking amount
Defi StakingUSDT1 day, flexible2.80%10000
Defi StakingBTC1 day, flexible1.68%0.1
Defi StakingETH1 day, flexible2.08%1
Defi StakingX2Y21 day, flexible10.00%-14.00%1000
Defi StakingLOOKS1 day, flexible17.00%-20.00%200

Ways to participate:

a). Website: > find “Defi Staking” to join

b). Through Login into > select “Earn” > “MX DeFi” > find “Defi Staking” to join

or Login into > Wallet > Spot Account > USDC > “Earn”

c). Through MEXC App: Login through MEXC App’s homepage > find “MX DeFi” > find “Staking” to join

Daily yield calculation (daily):

User’s daily yield = User’s staking amount * APY / 365

For example: Suppose user A stakes 10,000 USDC, and APY is 5%, then, User A can get a daily yield of:

10,000 * 5% / 365 ≈ 1.37 USDC

Notes: MEXC Global reserves the final right to amend or change or cancel this announcement after it has launched without prior notice.