Metaverse Offline Salon - PUGG Crypto Social + Visual NFT Launcher


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Jan 6, 2022
On February 17th, the second stop of [PUGG China Tour] Shenzhen (South China) meeting was successfully concluded.

The principal of PUGG attended this meeting. Focusing on the characteristics of PUGG’s visual NFT launcher and Metaverse social disruptor, he introduced how to realize the metaverse, how to deploy the offline social scenarios and the future business development of PUGG.

The founders and managing partners of nearly 20 large investment institutions participated in this offline meeting. Everyone actively interacted on the development of Metaverse and NFT, and some institutional investors had expressed strong interest in the Metaverse built by PUGG and expressed their intention to cooperate.

At the same time, some entrepreneurs also participated in the meeting, hoping to have a deeper understanding of PUGG's NFT aggregation launcher, and to implant their business into PUGG's metaverse.

In-depth communication between the principal & participants

PUGG Metaverse, an Open Metaspace

PUGG is committed to subverting the traditional entertainment model, creating online virtual concerts, virtual music festivals, and virtual stars.It creates a new generation of immersive social networking through virtual reality, and realizes the construction of a virtual community integrating crypto identity, crypto chat and crypto payment.

PUGG is a realistic mapping metaverse, and is the first 3D immersive open platform that uses Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) to unlock the virtual digital identity of metaverse citizens. At the same time, based on the P2E (Play to Earn), it allows players to experience a stronger sense of participation and fun. Combined with DAO, it will redefine how in-game production and operations are performed. Its extensible and open ecology allows more business scenarios to be combined with PUGG and create value.

PUGG divides NFT into three stages: NFT market based on listing, NFT transaction based on scenario, and aggregation ecology of social + NFT. In this process, PUGG entered the Metaverse through the highly innovative UE4. It starts from crypto social networking, creates a visual NFT trading market, and finally forms a visual aggregated NFT launcher, helping more NFT creators realize business value in virtual-reality scenarios.

At the meeting, in the form of a slideshow, the PUGG principal explained to the audience the future economic scenario of the Metaverse and the existing commercial links of PUGG.

Mainly solve the following problems:

1. The Problem of Social Trust

Faced with the pain points of strangers socializing in the early stage of social interaction, PUGG’s crypto "SocialFi" pays attention to the time cost, solves the basic problem about trust, and eliminates invalid social interaction.

2. Blockade of NFT Industry Information

Searching on the existing NFT platform, there are a series of problems such as inconvenient message reception, mixed creators, difficulty to distinguish the authenticity of NFT and transaction without customer service. While in the PUGG metaverse, with an NFT visual launcher and unique digital identities, these problems can be solved nicely.

In addition, PUGG combines visualization technology and the bar social scene in PUGG Metaverse, allowing users to quickly make friends with strangers and the opposite sex, and at the same time display their NFT collections anytime, anywhere. In the process of online chat, users can also use cross-chain technology to buy and sell NFTs on the whole chain with one click, realizing interesting social interaction and creating business value.

Next, PUGG will also introduce some big-name IPs in e-sports, sports, science fiction, two-dimensional and other fields to form a series of strong cooperation alliances, so stay tuned for more exciting news.
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