MesChain- New Token Set to change the face of cryptocurrency


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Sep 27, 2019
In the rapidly growing digital world, more businesses are evolving to stay afloat and meet consumer needs. As it stands, businesses will either embrace digitization of processes or lose out on huge market shares. However, with the adoption of technology, there is an increasing need for data security.

MesChain-The brainchild of Genesis Crypto Technology- presents an avenue for businesses (especially in the manufacturing sector) to leverage on the many advantages that blockchain technology presents, while ensuring maximum data security.

By integrating MesChain, manufacturing businesses can use blockchain technology for the core manufacturing phases as they will have access to a record of various details such as stock information, information on failures of mechanical parts and working hours with Blockchain technology.

Also, MesChain presents a distributed accounting technology with which businesses can support extended supply chains, enhance transparency and enable mass customization.

MesChain also provides cover to both services and physical goods (as opposed to other crypto tokens). Payment processing made with MesChain will be tremendously fast and will only cost minimal fees for transfers.

Why you should use MesChain?

MesChain is poised to become a world leader in the market by building a platform in the area of manufacturing execution systems and a solution source grounded on Blockchain technology which is preferred by companies that need technological support.

Also, each user is designated with their private keys and funds which are only available to only them and not even the platform administrators.

Users are assured of the safety of their funds with the presence of an incorporated escrow system, and any issue will be swiftly handled in the MesChain platform.

Ultimately, the MesChain project is an unparalleled product that will come to the mind of most entrepreneurs as the first choice.

Although MesChain aims to begin by serving in the textile industry, it is an outstanding and innovative project that will allow entrepreneurs to take charge of their businesses and analyze their ingenuities in one place and at the cheapest costs.

The good news, however, is that MesChain will soon be available for use by other industries.

How can MES grow your manufacturing business?

  • The MES system is an indispensable tool in organizing the planning process. With the system, entrepreneurs can design how the manufacturing process will be carried out while considering the materials and resources available to it.

  • As a process automation system, MES will determine what components will be engaged in the process of making different textile products and assigning each part of the process to suitable workers.

  • Entrepreneurs can monitor (in real-time) the production process using MES.

  • The MES system comprises terminals which can track the concluding inventory and its production quality, ensuring that neither manufacturers nor consumers are short-changed.
The MesChain platform

The MesChain platform is a payment system that will allow users to use the MesChain token (MESToken). This platform solves the security issues plaguing most cryptocurrency payment solutions; therefore, users are assured that their transactions are secure and confidential.

Features of MesChain

• Fast payment processing.

• Security.

• Private keys for users.

• Extended consumer protection through an escrow system.

• Quick conflict resolution.

• Accessible customer service.

• Minimal transaction fees.