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Sep 21, 2018
Menapay is a Blockchain-based installment portal focused to the Middle East and Africa and entirely conceived from the longing to battle and also put a stop to the various difficulties looked by the general population in the Middle East and Africa and thusly. Facilitate their life as to keep the money.

It is any way the plain first stage of its kind in the Middle East and African Economy.

Characteristics of Menapay

Menapay is extraordinary from different stages of its kind since it gives a dependable installment portal that is straightforward and secure concerning our ordinary managing an account exchanges.

Menapay disposes of the crouched looked in Islam as it respects to managing an account since it is free from middle people, consequently, Menapay offers comprehensiveness independent of Religion or potentially sexual orientation.

Menapay reception of the blockchain advancement makes it computerized and thus lessens to zero level the issues typically experienced because of poor managing an account rehearses in the Middle East and Africa.

Menapay Tokenonomics

To wind up a piece of the menapay network, Menacash is the medium of exchange.

The Menacash is one of a kind and not quite the same as different digital forms of money on the grounds that while different cryptographic forms of money are obligated to vacillation in value, the Menacash is sponsored by USDs and is equivalent to 1USD and isn't liable to change.

. The Benefits of MenaPay

  • The platform is built on the decentralized blockchain technology which provides a secure and transparent environment for users’ transaction.

  • The MenaPay application enables cash out with its MenaCash crypto coin. Here, users are able to cash out their MenaCash tokens to cash through the MenaPay foundation.

  • Cryptocurrencies are known to be volatile with unstable value for that, the MenaCash is created as a stable cryptocurrency that is backed by the US dollar which will be equal to 1 MenaCash token at all times.

  • The MenaPay application is user-friendly with an easy interface for mobile and desktop application, APIs and SDKs for easy integration. Also made available is Arabic language interface since the target market is the Middle East and many more features.

  • The MenaPay application uses an incentive system where token holders and users will be motivated and rewarded. The project aims to share 75% of revenue generated and profit amongst token holders of MenaPay. The platform users will be rewarded base on the level of their participation.

  • The target market is skeptical to use the traditional banks because of their religious beliefs. The MenaPay project is totally (100% ) Islamic non-bank digital solution build on the blockchain protocol.

  • A large population of the target population is unbanked due to banks' poor service and the people conservative approach to Islam. The MenaPay platform will substitute the banks to the people which are created to meet their daily needs and global transactions.

  • On the MenaPay platform, the premium merchant will provide a special discount to MenaPay users only.

  • Cryptocurrencies cannot be used in daily life transactions because of entrepreneurs. The platform will build an offline reseller network to enable wide exposure, easy entrance and massive adaptation to the use of cryptocurrencies.

  • The MenaPay platform will accept 30 major cryptocurrencies for payment and the MenaPay tokens can be purchased through bank transfer and credit card. The token can be pay on the door when the user goes to consummate an offline transaction.
Access to Menapay

Menapay can be gotten to with either a work area or versatile wallet that runs the ERC20 Ethereum good organization.

Menapay coordination

Menapay's principle reason for existing is to ease life in our regular exchange utilizing the blockchain innovation. It covers a wide zone of our regular daily existence like in the web Café, Hotels. Market. Bazaar, Restaurants, shopping center, candy machines, among others.

How Menapay functions

In Menapay, tokens can be exchanged from individual to individual electronically utilizing the p2p installment instrument or through individual to the vendor for a products or administration rendered.

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