Media: Bitclub is accused By BU Supporters In Performing Malleability Attack on Netwo


Feb 19, 2017

BitClub, a Bitcoin mining pool, is accused of launching a transaction malleability attack on the Bitcoin network, the effect of which confuses wallets or businesses with financial transactions getting canceled and bringing a halt to

In a post from Bither, a Bitcoin wallet, it shows that the malleability attack transaction is mined in block 456545 and 456552 and that all transactions in this block may be malleability attack transactions.

Malleability is a problem that Bitcoin has dealt with for many years. However, it’s a problem that has yet to be fixed. Some say that given the fact that you need special software to change transactions while still making them valid, makes this attack politically-motivated.

With the nerves of the Bitcoin community tense on the eve of the Bitcoin ETF decision, the public space is ripe with accusations and conspiracy theories.

As an example, Emin Gün Sirer, a Cornell professor, suggested on Twitter that some miner was doing a malleability attack to push for Segwit.

Other supporters of Bitcoin Unlimited are accusing BitClub, which supports segregated witness (Segwit), in launching the attacks to boost the case of Segwit.
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