Maximal blocksize for nodes


is it possible to integrate a calculator for the maximal working blocksize for each node?

If you make a speedtest to see your upload-capacity it could be possible to calculate the maximal blocksize you could upload into the network.

As a non-technician I'm a bit confused about this. Theymos once said that for 8 MB blocks you'll need 16 MBit upload speed to propagate them in 30 seconds. I don't get the math. I have ~1,7mb/s, what are 1,7 * 30 / 8 = 6,375 Mb in 30 seconds. So I could keep with ~6 MB blocks? I'm confused.

Some tool to analyze this - could that be integrated in BU or on the BU-website?

Zangelbert Bingledack

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Aug 29, 2015
I have no idea how testnet works, but is it possible for us to mess around on testnet with the BU clients so we can try out various blocksizes? I'm sure a lot of people would have fun with it. I just clocked 93Mbps down and 94Mbps up on my home $25/month uncapped data connection on Speedtest, so I'd love to try some huge block experiments.
Wow, your connection rocks :)

Unfortuntely my provider has at maximum 2 Mbit upload.

My calculation was wrong: you need to upload blocks to 8 peers. So my maximum block size should be 0.8 MB. But I did never have problems with the connection, and I think the network will stay synchron if some nodes just upload blocks to 4-6 peers in 30 seconds, which means I could handle 2 MB blocks. every node has the same rights, but not every node serves the same function in the network.

In germany many providers provide 20-40 MBit, which should serve ~8.8 MB blocks given theymos calculation is right.

It would be great if there were experiments about the maximum block size for each node in relation to the upload-capacity.
[doublepost=1451397073][/doublepost]Something else ... is there a method to find out how much upload-capacity the client needs? This would be very usefull for individual nodes to decide the optimal block limit.

Currently my system needs less than 100kbs while BU is connected to 8 peers. I will watch this.
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Sure -- I hope in some years it will get better. But if living on the countryside has the cost I sometimes couldn't run a node, so it be.

I'm watching my upload-capacity the whole day. And while many blocks are bigger than 0.9 MB, I never needed more upload capacity than 200 kbit/s. So it seems even 8 MB blocks wouldn't be a problem for my third-world-connection.
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Aug 28, 2015
Before I switched over to BU I was running XT with my traffic shaping at dial-up speeds just for the lulz.